Mittagong Early Learning Centre aims to provide a rich and engaging school readiness program.

Preparing the year before school can be a daunting experience for families and this is where our school readiness program can help your child be ready for the first year of school and set lifelong foundation for early literacy and numeracy.

Starting school is an exciting time of a child’s life and the families. As well as providing opportunities for children to read and write their own names, count and recognise numbers, we are committed in supporting and promoting a play base approach to learning.

Preparing children for school Emotional and Social Development:

Children who are entering school will need to be able to separate from their parents with ease and cope with change and spontaneous events throughout the day (e.g. a new relief teacher at kindergarten). This is really important for a successful transition from preschool to school.

Children also need to demonstrate basic problem solving and conflict resolution skills with their peers and to be able to express their emotions in positive ways. They will have the basic skills to initiate play with their peers, interact in socially acceptable ways and communicate their needs and wishes during work and play and to express their ideas and thoughts.  Working alongside others in small and large groups is also an important social skill for children entering school.

Self Help Skills will include:

Being able to use the toilet unassisted, dressing and undressing independently, being able to cope with smaller amounts of supervision, being able to look after their own belongings, being able to cope with a more structured environment.

To enhance the program during school readiness, we will often have specific experiences that the pre-schoolers will participate it to prepare them for school. These experiences will enable them to extend on their current skills and abilities to provide opportunities to learn new skills when needed.

During school readiness times we talk often with the children in positive ways about what they will expect to happen and what will happen, by discussing with children about the transition to school.  We will also support families in regard to their child during this process.  We will always provide families with time to discuss their child’s needs as not only the child is transitioning to school but so is the family.

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